Greatest Generation

Sergent Ernest Lavoie
Sergeant Ernest Lavoie | Company A 1st Battalion. 22nd Infantry | 4th Infantry division | DOW July 29, 1944 Ernest Lavoie was born in Fall River, Bristol Country, Massachussetts, in 1925.
Longino Little
Longino Little | Company A 1st Battalion. 22nd Infantry (Company Commander) | Company D 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry(Company Commander) | Headquarters Company 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry(Battalion S-3) | Longino Little was born on November 17, 1915 in Milledgeville, Georgia. Longino Little died on October 19, 1982 and is buried in West View Cemetery, Milledgeville, Balwin Country, Georgia.
Frank T Gearhart | 4th division, 22nd infantry, company H | He was from Shamokin, Pennsylvania and born February 16, 1924.
PFC Howard E Fagner | BIRTH October 9, 1925 Newark, Wayne County, New York, DEATH Nov. 18, 1944 | 4th infantry division, 22 infantry regiment.
John M Skipper | Private first class Company E22nd Infantry regiment 4th infantry division.
Staff Sergeant Edward E. Jones | Headquarters and Headquarters Co., 22nd Infantry, 4th Division.
T-5 Robert Arthur Pizzano